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Advantages and disadvantages of quartz stone countertops

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Quartz stone material has now become one of the main materials of the countertop. Then, what are the disadvantages of Quartz stone? Are we worried about radiation problems or pollution problems?

Quartzite advantages of hard wear-resistant: market in various cabinets, mesa materials, quartz stone hardness is one of the best, its natural hardness second only to diamonds. The highest hardness is ten, while the stone hardness reaches seven point five. I once read a slogan: "quartz slate is harder than knife."." The tool visible general met on a cutting table, will not leave traces, will not easily be other items on the texture of the scraping traces.

Quartz stone advantages are easy to clean: Quartz slate surface is made of quartz sand by vacuum compression, the table will not have fine pores, so that dirt, water infiltration. Antibacterial ability is also done in place, airtight institutions, so that bacteria lost their hiding place, there can be no sanitary corners. Therefore, only need to do the cleaning of the table top, and the table will keep the bright and bright side all the time.

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