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How much do you know about the properties of quartz stone?

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The hardness, rigidity and weight of quartz stone are higher than those of natural marble and ordinary man-made stone. They have strong abrasion resistance, bright colors and various colors, and can be used for multi-color mixing. Application: quartz stone countertops cabinets, bathroom vanity, windowsill, dining table, desk, desk, business desk, computer desk, coffee table, bar table, table, table, hospital laboratory flume, floors, parquet floor and wall.

The performance of quartz stone is mainly manifested in:

1, scraping flowers: quartz content reaches 93%, quartz crystal is in the nature of natural mineral hardness only to diamond, the surface hardness can be up to 7 Mohs hardness, far greater than the use life of iron and other appliances, will not be scratched.

2, don't dye pollution: quartz stone is in the condition of vacuum die casting and composite density without holes be the same outside and inside, the corrosion resistance of the quartz surface has excellent on acid-base etc.. quartz stone board water absorption is 0.02%, the daily use of liquid material will not penetrate its interior, only with water or detergent with a cloth can be erased, if necessary, can be used to scrape the surface of the blade retention.

3, no radiation: Quartz bright surface is polished process, more than 30 complex smooth surface smooth, no scratches, dense non porous materials structure makes the bacteria have no place to hide, no radiation.

4, rich in color: through the toner carefully prepared, you can deploy all possible colors.

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