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Notes and maintenance of quartz stone countertops in summer

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As we all know, the use of cabinets table top is high, and direct contact with food related to family health, and its maintenance and cleaning is particularly important. With the arrival of summer, the temperature is higher and higher, the weather is also changeable, prone to extreme heat, rainstorm extreme weather. Xiao Bian to tell you about the summer quartz stone matters needing attention.

Quartz stone countertops daily maintenance precautions include cannot be used, is the hot and cold water alternately on the table or object used indiscriminately, although there are good quality quartz surface will not change significantly, but it is easy to damage the texture of quartz stone, this is especially hot summer should be avoided. In addition, there are cutting, chopping and chopping directly on the table surface and cleaning with strong acid detergent. There is also to avoid prolonged use, prohibition of abuse.

The maintenance of surface cleaning and drying is another aspect of the daily maintenance of quartz stone cabinets. Relatively speaking, the summer table with water contact more, so to avoid prolonged immersion in water, keep the table clean and dry, in order to maintain its original luster.

In addition to the above quartz stone cabinet table top notes, learn its basic repair knowledge is also very necessary. The quartz stone mesa has been used for a long time, inevitably there will be scratches, slight scratches can be polished to disappear by sandpaper. However, if the scratch is serious, you have to ask professional and technical personnel to deal with it, we should pay attention to avoid excessive local temperature during the treatment.

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