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No test, how do you know your quartz stone table quality is qualified?

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Quartz stone countertops, is a small stone synthesized by new technology of artificial stone, the variety of colors, with natural stone texture and luster. Quartz stone is a kind of non radioactive, reusable green building new indoor decorative stone, so it has been widely used in the kitchen table, dining table, coffee table, commode, windowsill door, etc..

In quartz, the higher the content of quartz, the lower the amount of resin, the better the quality, the closer it is to the natural, the less difficult to deformation. When the content of resin in quartz is greater than 10%, it can not be called a true quartzite. In the confused products, it is very important to choose the quartz stone products, and how to choose the quartz stone countertops. How to distinguish the quartz that has been installed has become a matter of concern, and can be tested according to the characteristics of quartz.

How to detect quartz stone mesa is good or bad?

1, avoid some undesirable businessmen to maximize the benefits, in the raw materials doped with calcium powder to fill, oxalic acid can be used to test. Take a small amount of oxalic acid dripping into the surface of the board. If there is a bubble, it shows that the board contains calcium powder. The test time should not exceed half an hour. After the test, it should be washed or dried with clean water or soapy water.

2, detection of anti penetration ability, quartz stone plate water absorption of 0.02% is almost zero, the sheet density can reach 2.6g m fand, plus the surface pores and small cracks, the possibility of liquid penetration is very small. A small amount of soy sauce is allowed to drip on the surface of the board, and cleaned at 24 hours, as in the interior of the sheet.

3, high temperature testing, stainless steel containers can be used to boil water or lit a cigarette, placed on the surface of the board, place time to control about half an hour or so, such as plate discoloration, can not be cleaned with water, for unqualified.

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