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Quartz Shitai surface cracking easily, with hot weather related?

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In the summer, the weather gets hotter, too dry or too much rain, too wet in extreme weather. The cabinet of quartz stone also has some changes in the quartz in these conditions is easy to crack, such as crack, crack separation or separate splicing edge. When such problems occur, many users will apply for after-sale, but to get feedback quartz stone manufacturers are not within the scope of the manufacturer's warranty, and this does not belong to the plate itself.

As we all know, quartz stone also belongs to man-made stone board, the surface is smooth, dense, no hole, and more do not want natural stone, there are countless small cracks on the surface. What is the cause of the cracking of quartz in hot weather? Because the quartz stone is a brittle polymer composite material, also have the characteristics of expansion and contraction, there is also a certain contraction stress, elongation and other mechanical properties, when the material cannot bear will appear crack or edge stress caused by thermal expansion and contraction when the phenomenon of tilt.

How to prevent the cracking of quartz stone?

In the installation of the quartz stone table, attention should be paid to reducing the cracking rate. The expansion joint shall be reserved in advance before the installation of the table surface, and the width of the expansion joint shall be 2-5mm. In use, avoid using the cold water to flush the table after heating. Avoid banging on the table, especially the sharp object or the opening.

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