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Quartz stone soaked in dark liquid, how long will be oozing color?

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The color of quartz stone is a headache for many people. It not only brings inconvenience to the cleaning, but also affects the appearance. The problem of infiltration is itself a problem, and any stone material can be infiltrated if it is not used, such as soy sauce which has not been polished for a week. Or the quality of the plate is too small, what color is there to penetrate inside, the outside wiped clean, which can not erase.

At present, the market of quartz stone from the production process can be divided into two kinds, one is die casting quartz stone, the other is to cast quartz stone. Die casting quartz stone is the artificial quartz stone manufacturers through high pressure and high vibration, high temperature curing and high speed polishing and a series of process of production, production process due to the reason, hardness and proportion of quartz stone plate is relatively high. Therefore, wear-resistant, resistant to scratch, high temperature, higher than other man-made stone products, as well as natural stones. quartz stone board surface is smooth, without any pore and capillary crack, water absorption rate is 0.02%, almost zero, so quartz stone board in not damaged, even if immersed in liquid, will not seep.

However, the production process of quartz stone is improved from the original artificial stone production process. The material is poured into the abrasive tools for vacuum setting, without the procedures of high vibration and high pressure, and the surface is also treated by sanding. In this way, the density and hardness of the plate produced are relatively low, and the chances of penetrating color are relatively high in daily use.

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