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The gap between quartz stone and quartz stone is so great

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With the continuous improvement of living standards, family decoration requirements will also be improved, for many decorative materials to buy some trouble. But for the choice of countertops, many people will choose quartz stone, what reason Xiaobian in this, do not do too much explanation. For the current market confusion quartz stone, how to choose the quality of products in the good and bad pass quartz stone plate?

In the production process, quartz stone can be divided into two kinds, casting quartz stone and pouring quartz stone. For high vacuum die-casting quartz vibration, heat curing and water pouring and polished, quartz stone is the use of a common artificial stone production line, vacuum natural curing, greatly reducing the production cost, and also makes a market price confusion of quartz stone. Because the pouring quartz density to the requirements, so is easy to appear crack, bleeding and scratch.

How to determine the qualified quartz stone? First of all, we should check whether the particle distribution is uniform, whether there is a bubble on the back and Wo Wo, these are unqualified. Then check the material proportion, density of qualified quartz stone above 2.3g/ m fand according to block or so, like the size of the plate to calculate its weight, the weight of the gap is too large for the unqualified. Finally, the use of oxalic acid drops on the surface of the board, such as the bubble is not qualified, because it contains calcium powder.

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