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The highest number of quartz stone plate can withstand high temperature will crack

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Among the many decorative stones, quartz stone occupies the first place with its own advantages. quartz stone sheet has been listed as green environmental protection decorative stone, it has abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, penetration resistance, non-toxic, non radiation, zero formaldehyde, etc., belong to man-made stone products, not natural stone. At present, it is widely used in home decoration, such as mesa, floor, wall and shape. But in the use of quartz stone will often appear crack phenomenon, especially the emergence of contact with the high temperature object after the explosion. How many degrees of heat can quartz rock withstand?

quartz stone board is made up of 93% quartz crystal and 7% resin plus other trace elements. The plate containing 93% quartz is called quartz stone factory, independent of the artificial stone products, because of the higher requirement for the production of raw materials and production equipment of quartz stone, greatly improve the production costs, resulting in higher prices than other quartz stone, quartz stone has become a few shortcomings. quartz stone hardness up to Mohs hardness of 7, once the crack is difficult to repair, and can only be replaced.

Quartz is a typical refractory material with a melting point of up to 1300 degrees. It does not burn by contact with high temperatures. However, this does not mean that the quartz plate can withstand the temperature, because the stone plate is artificial. It is a brittle polymer composite material, also have the characteristics of expansion and contraction, when the plate cannot withstand thermal expansion and contraction brings stress will appear crack. Therefore, the use of high temperature objects should avoid direct contact with the plate, construction and installation process should be reserved expansion joints.

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