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What are the reasons for the high price of quartz stone?

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Quartz stone has entered China's decoration market for more than ten years, and has now been listed as green decorative stone by the state. At first, China's Quartz stone mainly relied on imports, and was applied to cabinets, countertops and laboratory countertops and high-grade decorations on the top of the table, mainly because of the high price of Quartz stone. Now, with the Quartz stone manufacturers R & D capability and production capacity continues to improve. Quartz stone prices are down, what is the reason?

The price and the value are equal whether they are Quartz stone or other commodities. Quartz plate is made of quartz sand and resin as the main raw material. We can analyze the price of quartz from raw material. Quartz sand can be divided into ordinary sand, refined sand and high pure sand three, ordinary quartz sand (silica): SiO2 = 90 - 99%, Fe2O3 (Fe2O3) = 0.06 - 0.02%, refractoriness 1750 C, appearance of some large particles, the surface of yellow. Range of size 5 - 220 mesh. Refined quartz sand and quartz sand pickling, SiO2 = 99 - 99.5%, Fe2O3 = 0.02 - 0.015%, selection of high-quality ore processing and complex. The range of sizes is 5 - 480 mesh. High purity quartz sand: SiO2 = 99.5 - 99.9%, Fe2O3 = 0.005%, is the 1 - 3 grade natural crystal stones and high quality natural stone, carefully selected, fine processed. The size range of 1 - 0.5mm (mm), 0.5 - 0.1mm, 0.1 - 0.01mm, 0.01 - 0.005mm.

Quartz sand grade is different, the price is also huge difference, the price of ordinary sand is about 700 yuan / ton, the price of refined sand is about 1000 yuan / ton, while the price of high-purity sand is as high as 2000 yuan / ton. The price of quartz sand also has a direct impact on the price of Quartz stone. It can be seen that the price of ordinary sand and high purity sand is three times difference, which is one of the reasons why the price of Quartz stone is different from that of the market.

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