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Where are the advantages of ordinary stone and natural stone compared to quartz stone?

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Decorative stone can be divided into three kinds of natural stone, artificial stone and quartz stone, there is no good or bad between them, the composition of different components, characteristics vary greatly. In the purchase of stone, it is necessary to clear their own values of these materials more seriously, to make a reasonable choice. Because of people's aesthetic consciousness to improve the decoration simple line has been unable to meet the aesthetic pursuit, stone cutting and parquet process improvement so that the decoration of the charm of the show in the United States most incisive curve. Let's get to know them together.

Natural stone is taken from nature, in nature, through the activities of the earth's crust generated stone, after artificial mining, cutting, polishing and other processes made of materials. Artificial stone is mainly resin, aluminum powder, pigment and curing agent. The practical application of building materials of polymer, its manufacturing process is a chemical reaction process, with the development of human society and the progress of science and technology and a practical science material artificial stone are mainly used for continuous improvement in building decoration industry, it is a new type of environmental protection composite materials.

quartz stone from continuous innovation beyond, is a common artificial stone on itself has greatly increased the hardness, strength and wear resistance, not easy to be scratched in the process of using, and acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, impact resistance capability has been further strengthened, especially the application of nanotechnology to form the lotus leaf surface structure, the anti pollution the antibacterial ability is greatly improved. Because of a series of new technologies, new materials and new technologies, quartz stone is widely used.

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