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Yixin quartz stone teaches you how to handle countertop seams

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quartz stone zite processing is difficult to say is the table splicing,quartz stone hardness of the table splicing brings no small difficulty, so in processing or installation of grinding. We all know that quartz stone plate surface light like a mirror, this is because the manufacturers in the production of quartz stone by the mill polishing process. The mill is polishing after more than 30 orders and 3000 water head by high pressure and high speed grinding results, is the other hand tools and not.


After sanding common problems, the angle grinder grinding in white, because the matrix quartz stone plate is white, in the seam grinding process, destroy the gloss and color plate surface, exposing the white body, white phenomenon more obvious reasons - this is why the darker the polished plate. Stitching seam discoloration, in fact, this reason is relatively simple, because the choice of glue reasons, or on-site glue is not allocated in proportion!


But the phenomenon should be how to solve? This is a matter of concern to us all! 1, you can use waxing and varnish, but these two methods can not be solved for a long time, only temporary relief. 2, the use of light or resin repair, repair in this way can be maintained for a long time, but can not eradicate. In order to solve the joints whitening phenomenon fundamentally, should seek professional personnel in the plate installation process to avoid two grinding and polishing, the installation joints must be handled carefully, to be dry after the water mill quartz stone cement grinding formation.

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