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You can buy Quartz stone may have been discarded

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At present, China's quartz stone market is on the track of rapid development, so that some large quartz stone factories can develop rapidly. But it is also because of this reason that China's quartz stone market is confused and the price of quartz stone is greatly different. Some small quartz stone manufacturers are still in imitation of the cottage, low-cost occupation of the market, disrupting the original order of the quartz market.

Let's talk about a real case. Yesterday, a Mr. Ma to call the small consultation, said that their own decoration, window sills and cabinets are selected quartz table, but also in the decoration contract also marked the use of "new ideas, new quartz."". However, when yesterday acceptance, from the appearance of color does not distinguish, when the sign was found on the windowsill quartz stone wrapping paper and table processing factory name wrong, the explanation given is that new new new quartz stone series. Mr. Ma immediately checked the cabinet table, and found that the back of the inkjet code for other company products. Mr. Ma immediately asked them to change, and the processing plant and cabinet shop gives other solutions, Mr. Ma Advisory Xiaobian compromise?. Xiao Bian told Mr. Ma must ask for change, this is a zero tolerance for cheating, but also asked them to give certain compensation. Why go very insurance business stuff?

This is the interests of the mischief, only the immediate interests of the loss of integrity, forget the integrity of the development of this.

Why is the quartz stone produced by the small factory so much more than the bottom of the brand quartz stone?

First, they have been copycat, mainly, save a lot of R & D costs. Moreover, the procurement of raw materials, low prices, take quartz sand, the price per ton will be more than 1000 yuan difference. Finally, the production equipment, production equipment gap is even greater, can reach millions.

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